By Dan Coles

This treasured teddy ended up having a night to remember after its grandparents took it on a bender – and sent pictures of his raucous adventures to their stunned daughter.

Robyn Duncan, 20, set off for Australia last week to go travelling and made the heart-breaking decision to leave her treasured childhood teddy bear behind for fear of losing him whilst on the move.

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Dog-eared Frizzles has travelled with her on every holiday she has been on, sleeps in bed with her, and is kept away from anything that could cause it any damage – and had even flown all the way to Thailand with her.

A couple of days after arriving in Australia, she woke up to an array of images sent to her by her parents of her favourite teddy out in town enjoying a few too many sherbets.

Horrified, she called her parents to find out what was going on, only to be told her parents, Graeme and Kelly Duncan, had decided to take him out for the whole weekend, shopping, drinking and even catching a film at the cinema.

Robyn said: “I have had Frizzles since I was born and have slept with him every single night since.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Apparently, they asked my brother if they thought it was a good idea and he said no, if anything had happened to that bear, I would have never forgiven them.

“When I made the decision to leave him behind for travelling, my friends told me cut his ear off or something and take that with me – I could not do that, he would never be the same again.

“My parents can be very embarrassing.

“The pictures, in fairness, really made my day, me and my family are all quite similar, so we always joke around.

“I’m just glad Frizzles is alright, and it looks like they had a good night.”

Business developer dad, Graeme, added: “Every single person in that pub was staring at us, they were probably wondering what on earth we were doing, my 14 year old son was mortified.

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“We took him out for the whole weekend, to shops, pubs and even the cinema – he seemed to enjoy trying on a pair of beats at the Apple store.

Robyn posted the pictures to her Twitter; her post went viral with over 48,000 likes and 3,700 retweets.

Robyn said: “I can’t believe it’s become this big, it had me in hysterics looking at it after I had posted it all online.

“It isn’t great being so far away from Frizzles, but my family are a good bunch and I’m sure they’ll look after him whilst I’m away.

Robyn and Frizzles have travelled together to several different exotic destinations including Thailand, Texas, a cruise all over the Caribbean, Spain and Bulgaria.

PIC FROM Caters News: Robyn Duncan with her parents Graeme and Kelly Duncan and brother Nicol

Robyn said: “We honestly have gone everywhere together, now my parents are talking about taking him to other places.

“They told me this morning that they’re going to take him out again this weekend but won’t tell me where.”

On this occasion, Fizzle experienced a traditional weekend in the UK, a boozy night out in the pubs, some high street shopping, a quick flick at the cinema, and an uneasy feeling when being told the celebrations had to stop and it was time for bed.

Robyn said: “It has certainly caused quite a stir online, and I just think it’s so funny – would have been a different phone call in the morning if they had lost him though that’s for sure.“