Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

Spooky footage has emerged from a UK hospital showing a door mysteriously opening and closing in the former psych wing.

Hannah Southern, paramedic at the hospital, noticed a suspicious ghost-like figure in the window of the Weller Wing while waiting on-call and decide to investigate further.

Along with her fellow paramedic, the pair headed towards the former mental wing of the hospital in Bedford South Wing Hospital.

Hannah begins to climb the stairs to the ward when the door to the ward begins to open and close with no visible assistance.

Several times, the door bursts open before being slammed shut with no influence on the door despite the action looking very deliberate.

The heavy door is also secured via a large magnetic strip that is accessible through key cards that only the hospital staff possess.

Hannah said: “Me and my college were sitting in our ambulance, waiting for a job, when we noticed the shadow at the window.

“We decided to get out and go into the old mental health ward.

“As we entered the main doors and up a couple of steps, the video with the brown opening and closing door is the entrance to that room where the spirit/ghost was.

“Whether the door carried on opening or not I don’t know because I felt as if I couldn’t stay anymore, and that I had to get out the building, so I swiftly stopped the video and ran out the building.

“My heart was beating out of my chest.