Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

This cuddly pooch doesn’t care how big he is, if he can sit and sleep on mum’s lap then he will! 

The adorable footage shows golden Labrador, Ace, as a puppy fitting nice and snug in the arms of his owner, Amber Kennealy, in their home in Michigan.

In the next clip, Ace is a little larger but still in Amber’s arms having a snooze, looking very content.

In the final shot we see Ace as his present, two-year-old self looking rather big for mum’s lap but Ace looks like he will never yield his spot.

Amber said: “This video is a compilation of videos from when Ace was a puppy up until now.

“I wanted to share that Ace will always be a lap dog no matter how big he is.

“People can relate to this because most Labs think they’re lap dogs!