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By James Somper

A businesswoman says she’s living her childhood dream – after switching her day job to become a real-life MERMAID.

Laura Hudson, 30, spent over a decade working in the textile and design industries but said she always thought that there was something missing from her life.

PIC FROM Laura Siddall/Caters News

But now, she’s finally taken the plunge – and now works as a professional mermaid, showing off her swimming skills at shows around the world.

Known as Mermaid Twinkle, Laura, from Donington, Lincolnshire, has spent thousands of hours transforming herself into a real life mermaid.

She said: “There’s something within me that’s always liked mermaids.

“I’ve always had a love for the water, I feel at peace when I’m in the sea and a sense of belonging.

PIC FROM Lucy Wilkins/Caters News

“There’s something so calming about it, an immediate feeling of being immersed in nature.

“I love making dreams come true, people can’t quite believe that we’re doing.”

Laura first dipped her tail into the world of mermaids after a friend jokingly tagged her in a social media post advertising a mermaid camp back in June 2018.

But with her curiosity aroused, Laura couldn’t resist and she’s already won Miss Mermaid Lincolnshire, Miss Mermaid UK and competed in the world championships.

PIC FROM Lucy Wilkins/Caters News

Describing the first moment she donned a mermaid tail, she said: “It felt really natural and came quite easily to me, so I think it’s something I was born to do. I had no idea where it was going to lead and how quickly my life would change.”

Laura has used her textile skills to produce stunning tail suits that allow her to take mermaid form.

She’s spent thousands of hours designing each costume and crafting the tails and says she’s saved thousands of pounds by using her design skills to make the suits.

Laura, typically attends mermaid competitions where she will “dive” among he peers and be assessed on the quality of her costumes and dive skills.

PIC FROM Lucy Wilkins/Caters News

As part of her routine, Laura is frequently required to hold her breath for up to four minutes as well as perform complex underwater choreography.

She said: “It’s actually a lot of hard work.

“The hardest part is getting the tail in the first place, you need a few thousand pounds for them.

“I’ve made a lot of the stuff myself, if you’re a creative person it’s quite exciting.

“It takes a lot of practice as well.

PIC FROM Jeni Hall/Caters News

“So far, I think I’ve been quite lucky with costumes as I’ve made a lot myself being a Seamstress. I’ve only spent about £600-£700.

“The tops and headdresses I have made myself, but also bought some pieces from a previous miss mermaid UK.”

Laura said she has a busy summer ahead with dozens of appearances and competitions.

She said: “It’s the busiest time of the year, in June I’ve got five events booked in already.

“I love the competitions and it’s always worthwhile seeing a child’s face after you’ve done your routine and you know you’ve made their dreams come true.”

PIC FROM Jeni Hall/Caters News