Animals Video

By Chris Jaffray

WHALE would you look at the time! These huge humpbacks were keen to get on the road to continue their migration – and gave a boatload of tourists a wave goodbye.

Snapper Jonas Liebschner captured the incredible moment the whales waved at tourists in Sydney harbour, Australia, as they began their migration north for the year this week.

PIC FROM Whale Watching Sydney/MERCURY PRESS

Around 30,000 humpbacks are believed to head away from the Antarctic towards warmer waters at this time of year and German-born Jonas, who takes tourists out to spot the gigantic mammals on a whale-watching boat, was delighted at the reaction his guests got.

In his footage, a whale breaches high from the water before crashing back down while in another picture the boat full of tourists can be seen watching on in awe as one whale appears to give them a wave.

PIC FROM Whale Watching Sydney/MERCURY PRESS

Jonas, who works for Whale Watching Sydney, said: “We spot whales for about six months of the year in Sydney, the season started last Saturday.

“Humpback whales migrate to warmer waters at this time of year, about 30,000 are going past Sydney currently.

“The tourists were all pretty happy when one of the whales appeared to give them a wave, and why wouldn’t they be?

“The whales don’t always do that.”