Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A pack of mongooses come flooding in an adorable stampede as the little critters flood around a man as he calls them for food.

The Harnas Wildlife Foundation, in Namibia, Homes approximately 25-30 mongooses and the team were able to record the sight that they see when they call them for dinner time.

The footage shows the mob emerge from the trees and race towards the man holding the camera and shouting a “Prrrr” call that the mongooses associate with food.

Mongooses of all shapes and sizes come bouncing over before coming to a halt when they surround the man and shortly afterwards they are fed in full.

Marketing strategist for Harnas, Siff Carlsen said: “We are calling them with this “prrr”-sound and you see them running over the lawn and from all different direction towards you, towards the sound.

“The mongooses then associated the sound with food.

“It is a great way for us to be able to feed and check up on them while they are running wild on the farm 

“It is incredible how you suddenly get surrounded by mongooses from all sides, every time you get surprised by how many there is and how they are hiding everywhere.