Video Viral

A prankster has delighted the internet with his hilarious rendition of ‘Promiscuous Girl’ – singing both male and female parts using the gender bending snapchat filter.

Jason Seguya, from Ottawa, Canada, decided to lip sync to the 2006 hit Promiscuous Girl – but decided he could sing the parts of both Nelly Furtado AND Timbaland by switching genders using the new Snapchat filter.

The 20-year-old switches in the video – flipping from his normal appearance, complete with facial hair, to a heavily made-up woman.

He said: “When I had created this video, I was in my apartment without access to the internet; however, I did have the song saved on my playlist as well as access to the filter. I then decided to make the video as a joke for my friends, not realising it would go viral.

“I chose the song Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland since the song is a fairly well-known song from the 2000s which myself and many of my friends grew up listening to. The song is also a duet between a girl and a boy which worked perfectly for this concept.

“So far the reaction to this video has been positive. Folks have continuously responded to this video saying that it brightened their day or that it made them laugh which was awesome for myself as I strive to be an entertainer.”