By Mike Jones

Safe at last! The moment a baby deer was pulled from a creek where he was trapped and returned to his panicked mother has been caught on camera.

Peter Alessandria, 50, heard the cries of the deer behind his house in Dover, New Jersey as he stepped outside to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

PIC BY – Peter Alessandria / CATERS NEWS

The professional photographer called in emergency services to help reunite the frightened deer with his mother before capturing the rescue on camera.

He said: “I walked about back behind my house to enjoy the sunrise there is a long, narrow creek that runs the length of my property.

“As I was enjoying I suddenly heard a crying sound.

“At that point I ventured down off the deck behind my house and walked towards the creek. It’s a bit over-grown so I couldn’t see clearly to the bottom, but the sound was definitely coming from down there somewhere.

PIC BY – Peter Alessandria / CATERS NEWS

“As I made my way along the fence following the sound, there was an opening in the undergrowth-at that moment I saw the source of the crying: a newborn baby deer.

“Its legs were spindly and it wobbled trying to keep its balance on the slippery rocks at the bottom of the creek.

“It was adorable but I also realised in that moment that if I didn’t so something it would perish.

“After I few minutes of watching the baby, I noticed its mother close by in my neighbours’ backyard.

“She was very large and strong, probably around four years old.

PIC BY – Peter Alessandria / CATERS NEWS

“These mothers are known to fight to ferociously to protect their young so I knew I wouldn’t be able to approach the baby while she was in the vicinity and it didn’t look like she was going anywhere.

“It occurred to me that the local police and fire departments probably have experience rescuing animals so I called.

“It turns out the large Hook & Ladder fire truck scared the mother deer off temporarily, but we knew we only had a few minutes before this devoted mother returned.

“Moments later the mother and baby were united and made their way back into the woods.”