By Dil Dissanayake

An unsuspecting antelope has been hit with a dart straight on the tail as the herd are relocated.

Photographer and vet, Neil Parsons, 27, was visiting Kafue National Park, Zambia, when he helped with the native Lichtenstein’s hartebeest relocation.

Pic By Neil Parsons / Caters News

The darting is designed to immobilise the antelopes, causing it as little stress as possible whilst they’re moved.

But Neil’s shots illustrate that sometimes their aim goes bottom-up.

He said: “We were doing a big capture and relocation project from Kafue National Park to restock a new area.

Pic By Neil Parsons / Caters News

“They were all darted, had blood samples taken and were then revived in the trucks for transport.

“There were two with darts in their tails – they were just unlucky dartings from the animals flicking their tails as you pull the trigger.

“The drugs still work but it is not the spot to dart them”