Life Video

By Rochelle Hughes

A clubber who stopped breathing during a seizure outside a nightclub was MUGGED while lying unconscious on the pavement – before his assailants went on a spending spree with his bank card.

Connor Joyce, a pharmacy dispenser, had his phone and wallet taken while having lifesaving CPR to try and revive him after he stopped breathing during a fit outside GBar in Liverpool.

The 23-year-old, from Middlewich, Cheshire, had come outside for some fresh air during a night out in the early hours of Monday morning [May 27] before he began to feel unwell and fell unconscious.


When Connor’s friends began performing CPR and shouted for help a group of men came over to assist them before making off with his black leather Diesel wallet containing £50 in cash, an iPhone 6S worth £200 and a friend’s purse.

Police have now revealed the sick muggers even used his bank cards to spend £60 at locations across Liverpool city centre including a bar, a newsagent and a McDonald’s.

Connor said: “I stepped outside because I felt really ill and I don’t remember much after that.

“My friends have told me that I hit my head and started fitting on the floor.


“Everyone’s phone had died and they had no way of calling an ambulance so they shouted for help as they were worried about me.

“When the group of guys came over to help, my friends used one of the men’s phone to call an ambulance as they didn’t speak much English.

“When I found out that my phone and wallet was gone I was disgusted.

“I couldn’t believe that someone would do that.”

Connor’s friend Jack Carter, 21, said he was terrified his pal wasn’t going to make it that he didn’t even think about checking he still had his phone.


After being rushed away from the scene in an ambulance, Connor spent eight hours in The Royal Liverpool University Hospital before being discharged.

Medics told him the fit happened due to low blood sugar and he is currently undergoing tests to ensure it does not happen again.

Hairdresser Jack, who is also from Middlewich, said: “When I saw Connor stop breathing, I screamed.

“I was so upset, and people were just walking past us.

“I shouted for these lads to come over and I called the ambulance from their phone because they didn’t speak much English and I was struggling to communicate with them.

“After the ambulance arrived, they took their phone back from me and just left and it wasn’t until the ride to the hospital that I realised that Connor’s phone and wallet, and our friends’ purse had been stolen.


“We had used my friend’s purse under Connor’s head to stop him banging it if he started fitting again.

“I was absolutely terrified and disgusted that someone could take advantage like that.”

Connor, who previously lived in Liverpool, said he reported the incident to Merseyside Police but has not yet received a response.

He and Jack claim when they called Connor’s number, a man answered saying it was his phone.

Connor said: “It really is disgusting that this happened.

“The hospital believes the fit happened because of low blood sugar and I am getting tests done now to try and stop this happening again.”

A spokesman from Merseyside police said: “We received reports that a 23 year-old man has his wallet and iPhone stolen after reportedly suffering a medical episode in Liverpool city centre in the early hours of yesterday, Monday 27th May.

“The bank cards were later used at a number of locations in the city centre.

“Enquiries are currently ongoing.”