Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A student’s video of a semester’s worth of chemistry class experiments unexpectedly goes viral.

When Daniel Mendez first stepped foot into Professor Tom Gufrey’s Chemistry 101 at California State University in January, he didn’t have high hopes for much fun.

But through a delightful compilation of the most explosive experiments – which has racked up more than 7.7million views – he was proven wrong.

From fire being spun around on steel wool to tipping dry ice on to the lecture hall floor, Professor Gufrey kept his students entertained, often making audible whooping sounds.

Daniel said: “When I first saw the teacher, I thought it’d be boring since he seemed quite old but boy, was I wrong.

“My top two experiments were when he lit steel wool and started spinning it around and the final experiment of the semester where flames lit the lecture desk.

“With Tom, his friend Joe and his teaching assistants around, the demos were always kept in a controlled environment.

“Every day he had about six demos to show to us and though not every demo went off as an explosion, they were always something we’d never experienced before.

“They were always something to look forward to, especially for him since he would get very excited for those parts of the lecture.”