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Bilal Kuchay

A boy from Pakistan will leave you dazzled with his daredevil act of lifting bricks with his teeth.

21-year-old Syed Tahir from Rasool Nagar, a small town in Punjab province, can lift seven to eight bricks with his teeth – leaving everyone in his town surprised.

“Almost two years ago, I lifted a brick with my teeth and I was surprised. But, then I kept practising and adding more bricks,” said Tahir.

“Each brick weighs about 3 to 4 lbs and I easily lift seven to eight bricks.”

Tahir doesn’t go to college but works as a labourer at construction sites, earning £4 a day to support his family.

“I couldn’t continue my studies after class 7th. The financial condition was not good so I quit my studies and began working at construction sites,” he said.

People in his neighbourhood are surprised how is Tahir able to balance the bricks and lift over 26 lbs weight with his teeth.

“I have worked with Tahir for past few years at various construction sites. He will always do things differently and will leave people surprised,” said Abdul Rehman.

The daredevil act has earned Tahir a nickname, Sheru (lion), in his locality.

However, his parents are worried about him as they feel a small mistake can damage his teeth.

“We have advised him time and again not to do such things as a single mistake or overweight can result him into loosing his teeth,” said Tahir’s father, Rana Naseer.

But, Tahir wants to make a name for himself with such acts and wishes he would be picked up by an advertising agency for a toothpaste advertisement.

“I don’t want my brothers and sisters work as labourers like me. I want them to continue their studies and do something good in life,” Tahir added.