Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

A genius toddler has been caught on camera doing algebra, fractions and reciting pi.

Aiden Blasian, three, from Washington DC, can easily add together numbers of more than 10 digits, as well as play around with algebraic equations.

The adorable boy spends hours at his chalkboard every day, learning increasingly harder math operations with the help of mum Cynthia Adinig, 34.

Cynthia says Aiden’s interest in maths and science started in a spontaneous way briefly after he learned to write at age two.

Cynthia, a graphic designer, said: “In my family we like maths and sometimes we do maths problems together.

“One day my dad sent me a problem, Aiden saw the notes and started solving it.

“We started giving him problem after problem and he was answering everyting correctly.

“We expect him to be at a fourth grade level by the time he starts school.”

According to Cynthia, Aiden does not miss a day of practicing his numbers, and he likes to get around his blackboard first thing in the morning and before going to bed.

She said: “At the moment Aiden is learning more algebra and to add increasingly bigger numbers.

“He also decided he would learn the periodic table, so I had to learn it too.

“Whenever he gets into a new subject he immediately gets really hooked.”