Animals Video

By Liam Bolland

Watch the adorable moment a fully grown male lion gets a relaxing head massage.

Suzanne Scott, 48, looks after 74 lions at the GG Conservation Centre in South Africa, where the lion manager, Mike Mapalala, 42, has a special relationship with the huge cats.

Mike gets close to a lot of the lions, and is able to give a select few of them relaxing head massages.

He is seen giving seven-year old male lion Smokey a comforting head massage, and has become accepted into their lion pride.

Pic by Suzanne Scott/Caters News

Suzanne said: “Mike has a special relationship with the lions and he knows which ones like human interaction.

“He knows when it is safe to touch the lions and there is no worry of them lashing out.

Pic by Suzanne Scott/Caters News 

“Mike has a special bond with Smokey, and the lion loves his attention.

“Every morning they spend time together as Mike moves Smokey to his camp, in order for vehicles to pass through.

Pic by Suzanne Scott/Caters News 

“The lion always delays moving areas because he’s waiting for Mike’s attention, it’s adorable.”

Wild lion numbers are rapidly declining in Africa due to loss of habitat, poaching, and diseases.

To help the lions and assist the GG Conservation in looking after them, you can donate at here.