Nature Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This is a mesmerizing sequence of clouds that are forming during a thunder storm timelapse.

Daniel Peel, 27, from South Africa, shot the video of the storm while in Liuwa Plains National Park, Western Zambia.

The safari tour guide had been watching the clouds build all afternoon with a friend. And despite witnessing some impressive events during his nine years as a guide, he claims capturing these storms is one of his favourite things to do.

Daniel said: “Once the storm broke and the rain started falling it spread quickly, taking roughly and hour to transform from high cumulonimbus clouds into dark rain that lasted all afternoon.

“This was a typical African thunderstorm, almost daily in the right season, these storms build during the heat of the day to epic proportions, breaking in the early afternoon.

“Often only lasting a few hours before clearing up, just to repeat the next day.

“Home to 45 000 wildebeest following the rains around this huge track of wilderness, Liuwa Plains national park is a hidden gem.”