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By Federico Cornetto

Incredible footage shows a fearless five-year-old climbing an almost 200 metre tall cliff.

Little Luke Miller hiked across the 800 metre long and 190 metre high Sturrall – one of the most frightening sea cliffs in Ireland – last month, April 25.

Pics from Caters News

Luke, who lives in County Donegal, Ireland, trailed across the knife-edge mountain ridge with just a rope tied to his dad, Iain Miller, 48, who followed him closely.

In the video, brave Luke is seen calmly making his way across the ridges – seemingly unconcerned by the terrifying drops on both sides.

Iain, who is also a mountain climbing instructor, said: “Last summer Luke was watching on YouTube a video of me climbing a sea stack, and declared that he wanted to do it too.

Pics from Caters News

“Over winter, sea stack climbing was mentioned more and more by Luke, so we started practising by climbing several cliffs on Cruit Island in County Donegal.

“Then we waited for a sunny and wind-free day when we could finally take on the Sturrall.

“The Sturrall is one of the most outstanding sea cliff features in Ireland, a true monster of headland sitting isolated and far from the real world on the southwest corner of County Donegal.

Pics from Caters News

“The summit of the Sturrall is quite an inaccessible and foreboding place to visit.”

And yet at the end of the video, captured by Iain on his GoPro, Luke is heard asking in a bored voice ‘Is it lunchtime?’, much to his father’s amusement.

Iain said: “Luke has done some indoor climbing and practised on smaller cliffs, but the Sturrall was definitely his biggest achievement so far.

Pics from Caters News

“Although the video looks dangerous, the most dangerous thing we did that day was driving to and from the location, the actual ascent was very safe thanks mostly to my expertise.

“The is no way on earth I would put any five-year-old in any kind of dangerous situation.”