Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

Most people don’t mind if their pet cat curls up at the foot of their bed – but this man has his pet LION sharing the duvet.

Zulkaif Chaudhary, 33, from Multan city, Pakistan, bought the cub six months ago, and has let the king of the jungle have free rein of his home.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Chaudhary Zulkaif bought the animal for a whopping £3200 from abroad).

Babbar the lion already weighs more than 12 stone – and wolfs down 17lb of raw meat every day.

Zulkaif happily allows his furry friend free run of the family’s plush bungalow – where he has his own king-size bed with double mattress and air conditioning.

Despite having a two-year-old son, he says he’ll never chain the lion – who he treats like a dog.

Zulkaif says: “He is like my child.

“He was two months old when I got him. He has been living with me for six months.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Here is Babbar the lion when he was 2 months old in Pakistan).

“I love lions a lot and I felt like taking care of one.

“I never discussed with my family and just got him and then told them.

“But they all were very happy to see him. They all come to meet him every day.

“I’m not worried that he will attack us.

“Even my son comes to play with it.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Zulkaif feeding his pet lion)

“I have never chained Babbar nor will I ever because I love him like my own child.

“I have made a separate area for him and he has his own bed to rest and an air conditioner to keep cool.”

Zulkaif claims he has permission from the authorities to keep the lion in the family home – but refuses to reveal where he bought the £3200 lion from.

His home is now filled with family and friends who come to take a selfie with his unusual pet.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Babbar, the eight-month-old, weighs 176lbs, sleeps in a super comfy king-size bed with double mattress and devours 17 pounds of raw meat a day)

He added: “I cannot tell you from where I bought him but I have the permission to keep him and the wildlife officials knows about him.

“He is growing up really fast.

“I feed him mutton, beef, and also chicken sometimes.

“He costs £2400 each month to feed.”

Despite having a two-year-old son, Zulkaif, 33, who runs a restaurant in Multan says he has never chained Babbar.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Babbar, the eight-month-old lion)

Zulkaif trains Babbar like a pet dog and takes him out for walk every morning.

He boasts: “He is very friendly and is fond of me.

“He plays with me and I take him on walk in the morning 5 to 6 am.

“I’m teaching him commands to sit, go and eat just like a pet dog.”

The lion’s presence in the neighbourhood has made it a star attraction and often Zulkaif’s keen friends and relatives surround it for selfies.

He said: “People are very fond of him.

Pics by Caters News: (Pictured: Babbar, the eight-month-old African lion cub living in an air-conditioned room in a plush bungalow, as a pet to Chaudhary Zulkaif in Pakistan’s Multan city)

“Most of the people come here and take selfies with him and they also like to see him.

“My guests and relative also come here to mainly see him and take selfies with him.

“Babbar is very friendly with humans and they all enjoy playing with him.”