Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A cool, summer loving pooch loves to spend her days taking her jet ski for a spin.

The mythological Sea Dog is alive and well in Tampa, Florida, as three-and-a-half-year-old Maggie the Vizsla loves nothing more than hitting the waves with owner Alex Maglione, 45.

Taking their jet ski around Ana Maria, Pinellas and downtown Tampa, Florida, the pair make for quite the site and always turn heads as Maggie rides up front guiding the way.

The water loving vizsla is so confident on the machine that she doesn’t need to be strapped in and often jumps in to swim with wild dolphins.

Alex said: “Maggie loves the water, she’s like a fish.

“She grew up on the water and is very confident and comfortable in the water.

“People can’t believe what they are seeing, Maggie is not strapped in at all, she knows how to stay on the ski.

“Maggie is such a sweet and loving Dog.”

When Maggie isn’t hitting full throttle on the jet ski, she loves to chase the birds on the beach and make friends by hopping aboard other people’s boats.