Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A male lion used its massive toothy mouth in order to suffocate a large Buffalo slowly to death.

Retired biology professor and avid wildlife filmmaker Judy Lehmberg, 66, didn’t know whether to stare in awe or look away in disgust as a pride of lions slowly ate a large buffalo alive.

Taking place in Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa on the Botswana border, Judy and her safari group witnessed the lionesses of the pride take down the Cape Buffalo.

However, their prey was far too big for them to kill themselves.

 It was therefore left to the king of the jungle, a male lion of the pride, to slowly suffocate the suffering buffalo by covering the animal’s mouth and nostrils with his own gaping toothy mouth.

But the rest of the hungry pride couldn’t wait for the buffalo to slowly die by suffocation, but instead began tearing open their diner while it was still alive.

Judy said: “This is one of the most horrible and at the same time fascinating things I’ve ever seen in over 40 years of watching wildlife.

“I was both horrified at the buffalo’s suffering and in awe of the male lion’s strength and power.

“It was obvious this was not the first time he had done this. 

“It was agonising to watch because it took about 15 minutes for the buffalo to die.

“The females and cubs didn’t wait for it to die before they started eating at the opposite end.”