Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This woman sat down to unwind and practice yoga but her excitable doggy has other plans of playing with her and annoying her until she yields.

Ellie Dee was planning to relax in her home in Fort Polk, Louisiana, by stretching with some yoga moves.

However, Labrador, Fennir enters the room with the intent of playing with his ball in his mouth.

Ellie attempts to sit down, lie on the floor and stretch on her side to no avail due to Fennir’s persistence to play with her by jumping on Ellie and touching her face.

After a few attempts, Ellie concedes and gives Fennir what he wants, which is lots of fuss and attention.

Ellie said: “I was just sitting down to begin yoga practice and my dog followed me over and decided he was not too happy with my plans.

“He spent the whole session pestering me with his favourite toy, he’s quite persistent. 

“Fenrir is a total clown, he’s always either goofing off or begging for attention, and he’s very good at getting it!

“I’m able to practice yoga as often as I like, now that I’ve learned to tune him out when he comes over to bug me.”