By Dan Coles

A new mum has told of her pregnancy sickness hell – that left her vomiting up to 50 times a day for NINE MONTHS.

Hannah Dalton, 30, from Benfleet, Essex, was so ill she had to relearn how to walk after her daughter was born -after being bed-bound for the first six months of her pregnancy and then confined to a wheelchair.

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Within weeks of conceiving her second child with husband Michael, Hannah, a business-analyst was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum – which was so bad she was bed bound for six months.

The illness left Hannah finding her pregnancy unbearable, and she was so weak that the final three months of her pregnancy were spent in a wheelchair.

Hannah would throw up 50 times a day with even noises triggering vomiting episodes – including the sound of her three-year-old daughter Elizabeth’s favourite TV show, Mia and me.

Amazingly, her symptoms vanished the day she had her caesarean section last month.

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Hannah said: “I was bed-bound for six months of my pregnancy. The hardest part was that I couldn’t look after my daughter, Elizabeth, who was only three.

“I couldn’t pick her up, make her food, take her outside, just the sound of her favourite television show would make me throw up.

“Anything that I was around when I was sick would become a trigger like music, places, foods, or things I could see and hear, l luckily had family who could look after her.

“Even now, she knows she can’t watch her favourite show ‘Mia’ when I’m around because I’ll start gagging.

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“After throwing up 10 or 20 times you don’t always bring things up, but I was over a bucket 50 times a day at least.

“Rolling over would make me throw up, things that you don’t even think smell like other humans, animals, flowers, and I just mean how they smelt normally, not body odour or wetness – all of it would affect me.

“I could only move with a wheelchair after six months of being in bed, I had to learn how to walk again because my body had forgotten how to move normally.

“I never got to the point where I wanted to terminate, or consider suicide, but I totally understand why some people do, it was unbearable.

“When I got to the hospital to give birth, they asked me why I was so dehydrated, and I told them it was because I had not had a drink for three months.

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“I started to be able to handle the odd food, but I couldn’t drink anything, so I lived off of ice lollies for three months to get my liquids.

“I became so malnourished that my hair was falling out, it was just awful.

“It felt amazing when the symptoms went, it was like my life started again.”

Hannah became pregnant whilst on holiday in August 2018, as soon as she fell pregnant, she started throwing up tens of times a day.

Hannah said: “I found out I had been pregnant for a couple of weeks.”

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When speaking to a midwife she found out that she had hyperemesis gravidarum, which she had once before but nowhere near as severe as her second round of the immobilising illness.

The condition stopped her from being able to move, eat, drink, look after her daughter, or work.

Hannah said: “Sometimes I would try and eat something I enjoyed but it became to much of a risk.”

After six months of living in her bedroom, Hannah started to be able to move around, but only with a wheelchair as she had to train her body how to move normally because of spending so much time unable to move.

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Hannah said: “It was hell, I was throwing up constantly there was just no way of stopping it.

“Doctors knew what it was, and we knew how to manage it, the baby remained healthy, but in total I had 27 blood tests and 30 doctors’ appointments throughout the pregnancy.”

As soon Hannah had her baby, her symptoms vanished, and her new daughter, Alexandra, was perfectly healthy.

Hannah said: “It was instant, I still get the odd reflex when I hear, taste or smell what used to trigger me but other than that all is back to normal.

“I had lost nearly two stone because of the sickness, and Alexandra weighed 6 pounds ten ounces, born April 2.

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“I suppose the worst part is that you don’t get the typical pregnancy that everyone talks about, mine was the total opposite.

“My first meal was fantastic, I had toast and tea but I loved it so much I even took a picture of it.

“I’m just glad I got through it and my baby was healthy – that’s the main thing.”