Video Viral

By Mollie Mansfield

An online shopper was left furious after claiming he captured CCTV footage of a ‘lazy’ Yodel delivery driver throwing his parcel over a six-foot fence when he couldn’t unlock the gate.

After ordering £86.44 [$109.39] worth of food online, Alex Barker, 25, expected to wake up after his night shift to find the goods at his door.

However, Alex claims that when he found his order – outside his back door – it was damaged and the contents of the parcel were leaking.

The mechanical manufacturing engineer had installed CCTV to his property just three weeks prior, so decided he would investigate how the damage was done.

Upon watching the footage, Alex, from Rotherham, South Yorks, claims that a ‘lazy and impatient’ Yodel delivery driver had attempted to open his back gate one-handed but, when that failed, decided to throw the delivery over the six-foot fence.

Alex said: “I was asleep following my night shift so didn’t hear the door knock – but after what happened, I’m definitely planning on fitting a loud door bell!

“When I woke up and got the package from outside it was leaking, so when I opened it I saw that two cans had broken and leaked out and others were dented.

“I had luckily installed CCTV just three weeks before, so I thought I’d watch it back to see how this had happened.

“That’s when I saw that the delivery driver had thrown the box over the fence – instead of just putting the box down and using two hands to open the gate.

“The gate latch is a bit stiff so usually takes two hands to open, if he’d put the parcel down he wouldn’t have had any difficulty.

“He was impatient and lazy – I felt annoyed at the blatant lack of respect for other peoples property.”

Despite being annoyed that his parcel was damaged, Alex claims he is just glad that it wasn’t anything more expensive – and will be installing a loud door bell to wake him up to avoid this happening in future.

He said: “Luckily the damage that was done wasn’t anything to cry about – but it was very frustrating all the same.

“I’m just glad that I hadn’t ordered anything ridiculously expensive!

“I understand these workers are on the clock and need to make their deliveries as fast as possible but that’s no excuse to launch parcels over a six foot fence.

“Leave them with a neighbor or take them back to the depot if you’re unable to deliver.”

Yodel’s chief operations officer, Carl Moore, commented: “I apologise to Mr Barker for this delivery, which is unacceptable.

“Our drivers are trained to handle parcels with care and we are disappointed to see this driver breaking our protocols and letting our customers down.

“We are liaising with our client to resolve the issue to Mr Barker’s satisfaction and will be taking appropriate action with the individual involved.”