Bilal Kuchay

A teenager was forced to carry the dead body of his 16-year-old brother on a bicycle because there are no roads to his village.

Pranjal Das, 18, tied the body of his brother Dimpul Das to the bike and pushed him almost four miles to his home from a local government hospital.

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Das had to make his way across a rough walking track and a makeshift bamboo bridge before he could reach his village.

Local Mitu Singh said: “Ambulances cannot get here because we don’t have a concrete bridge.

“Our village does not have a usable road link and we have to cross this makeshift bamboo bridge to reach the main road to Garamur, where the hospital is situated.

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Dimpul Das was brought to the hospital by his family at around 3.30 am on Monday.

Hospital superintendent Manik Mili said: “Das was diagnosed with a severe respiratory problem and brought in a very serious condition. The doctor on duty tried to provide him with oxygen supply, the patient passed away.”

He also said that the doctor called for the hearse van to send the body home but the family left with the body before the driver arrived.

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Chief minister of the state Sarbananda Sonowal has expressed concern and directed officials to conduct an inquiry into the shocking incident.

Eight months ago, a man carried the dead body of his wife to home on his shoulders for nearly eight miles as he had no money to pay for a hearse van.