Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This excited pup’s energy levels go through the roof when he is reunited with his owner after he was on holiday.

Pat Hurley was on holiday and away from his home in Tralee, Ireland, leaving his beloved Jack Russell/Pomeranian, Peanut, behind.

But 12 days is a long time in dog years, so Peanut does not hold back in his love and appreciation for his owner.

Bursting through the door, Peanut sprints toward Pat, who is sitting down waiting, and hugs and lick him with a frantically wagging tail 

This was the longest time that the two had spent apart in four years, so Pat was interested in seeing how Peanut reacted, so had his daughter set up the camera and let Peanut in the house 

Pat said: “He is so used to me being around I knew he’d miss me.

“My daughter was at home while I was away and she told me about him crying at my bedroom door. 

“She even let him in one day to see there was nobody inside, but he was back crying outside again by the next day.

“I was delighted that he had missed me so much and got so excited, I’ve never been away that long in his four years with me.”