By Aliki Kraterou

A scrawny teenager has turned into a muscle-bound bodybuilder after hated what he saw in the mirror – and became addicted to the gym.

He completely transformed his body from 10.7st  to a whooping 25 st, due to his gym addiction.

Pic by Caters News

Craig Golias, 35, is an online coach from Ohio, now living in Las Vegas, is now one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world.

Craig is now 6’3ft tall and weighs 25st – gaining 15st since 2004, when he was 20.

It took him about 10 years to reach a point where he is happy with his transformation, by  training 6 days a week for 1.5 hour.

Pic by Caters News

When he was a teenager, Craig weight just over 10st and said wasn’t happy with his looks so he decided to start working out to improve his self- esteem.

Craig said: “I had low self-esteem and I wanted something to feel better about myself.

“I was a very skinny boy; I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

“I struggled with depression and the gym is what saved me from taking my own life.

“I decided to go to the gym and work on my body, abs, chest, cardio, a bit of everything.

Pic by Caters News

“I quickly became addicted- I work out six days a week for an hour and a half.

“Once I started seeing results and getting attention it made me feel alive and accepted which I never felt.

“The only problem is that I became obsessed and was never satisfied- I wanted more and more.

Craig admits that he takes supplements to maintain his size but his secret is dedication, hard work and a healthy diet.

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“I do feel better- I am careful on what I eat, I usually eat chicken, turkey, rice, eggs and vegetables but I do allow myself a bad meal such as hamburger or pizza once every other day.

“I have never tried alcohol by choice.

“I just love training and pushing my body to the limits! It’s become a lifestyle and I’m grateful to have it in my life.”

Craig who is currently single says people are shocked when they see him and they usually compliment him on his body and ask tips to be like him.

Pic by Caters News 

He added: “All my clients are happy, I plan their diet, I coach them and they see the results they want.

“Depends on what I’m wearing but when I wear a tank top people sometimes stop me saying ‘wow’ and say they want to become as big as I am.“