Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A besotted pair of wild bears were caught having amorous interactions in an adorable video.

Tourist guide Jessica D’Andrea, 48, was lucky enough to capture the heartwarming footage this week, May 20, as she was hiking in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Italy.

This extraordinary footage captures an intimate moment between two Marsican bears – a critically endangered subspecies of brown bear with only 40 to 60 specimens still alive in the wild, according to Bear Conservation UK.

The two furry lovers were caught timidly kissing and caressing each other in an open field, before taking off to find a more private spot.

Jessica, from Civitella Alfedena, Italy, said: “The Marsican bear is the rarest subspecies of bear in the world and they are only found in central Italy.

“We named the female ‘Limp’ because she’s missing half a paw.

“I had seen the males following females before, but never two bears acting in such an intimate way.

“I was a great privilege to be able to obverse this scene for so long, almost an hour”