By Richard Ashmore

These massive moose must not have been following ELK and safety after they appear to have got frozen solid into an Alaskan lake.

The huge beasts were found near Unalakleet, Alaska, by a group of friends during a Bible camp in the wilderness in November. And the first sighting of the animals was a pair of antlers poking through the snow.

Jeff Erickson/ Caters News

Jeff Erickson and his friend Brad Webster then discovered an incredible scene that appears to show the two animals had been fighting with their antlers locked when they got into difficulty.

As these pictures show both moose – which can weigh up to 1,500lbs – were frozen solid in the water and when Jeff and Brad worked to remove them they found puncture wounds which suggest the animals died fighting.

Jeff Erickson/ Caters News 

It’s thought because the pair had locked antlers, if one survived he couldn’t free himself, and both perished before being quickly preserved by the ice and freezing temperatures.

Jeff Erickson, who took these amazing photographs, said: “It was actually a friend of mine who by great chance found them. I was just lucky to go up with him to take some pictures…then remove the two heads.

Jeff Erickson/ Caters News

“At the time it was 10F (-12C). I’ve lived up here more than 50 years and never seen anything like it. The two beasts were suspended in the ice as if they were sleeping.”