Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

This is the hilarious moment a dedicated mum got stuck inside a tiny swimming pool locker while playing with her kid – but escaped thanks to shower gel.

Bartender and mother-of-two Demi Lambe got inside the locker on May 13 as she was playing around with son Oliver, 10, at a swimming pool in Stockton-on-Tees, England.  

Demi soon regretted her decision as she quickly realised she could no longer get out of the narrow cabin. 

Luckily, a worried member of staff at the swimming pool rushed on the scene and after 30 minutes of drama finally helped an exhausted Demi slide out the locker. 

Demi said: “I got in because the kids did so I joined in for a laugh. 

“I was stuck in for about 30 minutes and got scared. 

“That’s why my friend stopped recording, because they were going to get the fire brigade to get me out.” 

Thankfully, shower gel worked quicker then the firefighters and Demi was able to ‘slide out’ of the enclosure after. 

She was then dragged across the floor by a friend in an hilarious final moment.

Demi said: “When I got out my legs were bright red at the sides and had bruises and my elbow was bleeding. 

“Thanks to the shower gel I was able to slide out like a fish, but still got hurt in the process.”