Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

A wildlife filmmaker captured some truly gruesome footage of Venus flytraps catching their prey.

Retired biology professor and wildlife film-maker Judy Lehmberg, 66, has travelled the world filming some of nature’s biggest beasts in action.

But that didn’t stop the wildlife enthusiast from capturing creatures both great and small.

Turning her camera to her kitchen table in Gardiner, Montana, Judy successfully recorded footage of her Venus flytraps devouring their prey.

The gruesome footage shows the unknowing flies resting on the traps, before the leaves slowly close over. 

Though some manage lucky escapes, the Venus flytrap’s success rate of capturing its lunch is impressive.  

Judy said: “If the fly hits at least two small hair-like structures on the inside of the leaf, it will close, trapping the fly. 

“Over about a week the leaf releases digestive enzymes that breakdown the Fly and then absorbs it’s nutrients.

“I was mad then the flies got away and happy when they got trapped.”