Offbeat Video

BY David Aspinall

A group of inventive designers created the world’s largest ice carousel weighing 23,000 tonnes.

Janne Kapylehto roped in two friends – Ville Haapasalo and Ismo Apell – to help him carve out the 184-metre-wide carousel in Finland.

After five days of hard work, the trio along with nine more volunteers managed to carve 95cm down through thick ice to move the giant ride.

Finally, the team – called Kuopio Great Balls of Ice – managed to get the carousel to turn a full 360 degrees, smashing the previous size record, which stood at 154.8 metres.

Janne said: “When my first ice carousel video went viral in 2017, people all over the world started doing them.

“We need a lot of extra help to finish the project.

“The record has been accepted by the World Ice Carousel Association and we’re just waiting for the Grand Trophy to arrive now.”