Offbeat Video

By Rochelle Hughes

A teacher has pranked his class by making them believe they had a test and then told them they were going to a theme park.

Year six pupils at St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Nuthurst were geared up for their final exam when they turned to page three and saw their question was replaced with an invitation to Chessington World of Adventure Theme Park.

PIC FROM Mercury Press

The adorable prank was concocted by their teacher and deputy head Mr Sam Bacon who had been in touch with the pupils’ parents.

He said: “It was actually quite last minute. We have been organising and planning a week away camping for all our Year 5 and 6 children and  with SATs everyone has been very occupied!

“I then realised that we didn’t have anything sorted for the Friday of SATs week- where the children normally have an ice cream or similar treat and a chance to celebrate their hard work. I felt like I wanted to do something slightly more for them as they had been working so hard and it came to me that we could surprise them.

“I then had the idea for a pretend science test as I knew the children would love the surprise and the way it would be delivered!

PIC FROM Mercury Press

“The parents are very supportive with everything at St Andrew’s so we sent out an email asking for the relevant permissions etc and the plan was set.”

Mr Bacon filmed the children working out what was going on and shared the exam page online which has gained thousands of likes and shares.

The question read: “Please read the WHOLE question and do not make noise. Chichester class year six children are going on a trip to Chessington World of Adventures today and have been tricked by Mr Bacon into thinking they actually have a science test.

“Is he a) the best teacher ever or b) the best teacher ever?

PIC FROM Mercury Press

“You have been brilliant this week so here is a treat to say well done from everyone at school and at home. Enjoy it!

“Do not make noise- let everyone read this question! Let’s go on some rollercoasters!!!!!”

The children spent Friday [May 17] at the theme park and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

One parent said: “This was truly a surprise to all the year six kids. What more could a teacher have done! Their reaction and faces said it all.”