Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This satisfying video shows the cutting edge a razor sharp, glowing hot katana blade has against various household objects with the blade slicing through the items with ease.

The likes of sponges, jelly, and crayons are put to the test of the approximately 1000°c samurai sword by electronic engineer, Vladimir Stovic.

In his home lab in Kostolac, Serbia, Vladimir takes two gas burners and heated the blade until it began to glow a deep orange, then the slicing began.

The sponges were effortlessly diced and began to set alight, while the crayons oozed and trickled wax, reducing them to liquid almost instantly.

The Jelly squeaked as soon as the steel made contact due to the high heats whereas the bar of soap foamed to the touch, producing bubbly white shaving foam-like substance.

Vladimir said: “I used two gas burners which produce 2,020 °C, but katana doesn’t have enough mass to keep all that energy while cutting. 

“I went to a local Chinese store and just bought everything I thought would be interesting to cut and melt.

“I knew crayons would look great and sponges too.

“Crayons are my favourite, there were so many colours melting and boiling.

“It looked magnificent.”