Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A daredevil tourist decided to skip all of the major landmarks, opting for a more adventurous sightseeing experience by climbing the two tallest buildings in Vienna before surfing a high-speed train.

Usama took to the skies upon his arrival in the Austrian capital on a clear morning in April, climbing the tallest building in the capital, DC Tower at 250 metres high.

Usama and his friends are greeted with a spectacular sunrise and stunning views of the city, portrayed by some beautiful aerial footage.

The team then head to Millennium Tower to summit the highest point at the top of the mast to once again take in the view and experience the unique adrenaline rush that comes with scaling skyscrapers.

After breathing in the views on offer, Usama ups the ante by visiting a train station and hopping onto the top of the departing train.

Once the train leaves, Usama takes to his feet and surfs said train in an adrenaline pumped stunt.

The train enters the station and Usama drops down and sprints for the exit, avoiding trouble and the authority.