Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

The Death Star has been painstakingly rebuilt with more than 58,000 matchsticks and set ablaze in a fiery mess.

Electrical engineer, Vladimir Stevic constructed the infamous base from the popular Star Wars franchise with an absurd number of matchsticks and 160 hours’ worth of labour.

In his workshop in Kostolac, Serbia, Vladimir built two halves of a sphere with one half having a slight indent to resemble the planet destroying headquarters from the films.

Using glue to assemble the approximately 58,000 matchsticks, Vladimir displays the Death Star in his garden with torch in hand to ignite to sphere.

Once lit, the fire gradually spreads across the ball before hitting a pocket of oxygen and bursting into a fireball in a plume of smoke and flames.

The 160 hours of work went up in a smoke as the embers of the Death Star begin to die.

Vladimir said: “I’m a big fan of Star Wars since I was five or six-years-old and I wanted to make something from Star Wars, something big, something all Star Wars fans will recognise – Death Star. 

“Actual number of matches is somewhere between approximately 58,000 and 62,000. 

“I used a hot glue gun, some paper to make circular templates and a plastic bowl for checking the inside roundness of each hemisphere.

I didn’t know what to expect, I was just hoping the whole thing didn’t explode, and it didn’t explode. It was good.”