Animals Video

By Hollie Bone

A dad who laughed at a monkey’s crown jewels was left with more than just egg on his face when the cheeky chimp got his own back – by WEEING through the window of his car.

Dad-of-three Martin Chapman, 38, had taken wife Jenny, 36, and two of their children, Joseph, 17, and Mollie, 10, to Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside to see the monkeys earlier this month [May 12].

Bricklayer Martin, from Barnsley, Yorks, said the family were in hysterics when one particularly confident chimp came and put his penis in a gap through the window, prompting the young dad to flick his low-hanging fruit.

But soon enough it was the monkey who had the last laugh, when he managed to use the gap to wee straight into the car and all over Martin’s legs.

Martin said: “We were keeping the windows just slightly open so that we could give the monkeys some grapes.

“The people at the park tell you to keep your windows closed but it was just a bit of fun and it was only open a small amount.

“Soon enough one monkey came and sat on the car and he was getting quite territorial, stopping any other monkeys getting on.

“We were all laughing our heads off because he was just poking his bits through my window, so I thought I’d give it a cheeky flick – but he soon got his own back on me.

“He started weeing and I tried to put the window up but his fingers were still over the top so I couldn’t straight away, and his wee was just going all over my legs!”

Luckily Martin saw the funny side of the situation, adding that he was glad his funny viral footage had got so many hits and made so many laugh.

He added: “I wasn’t really bothered, I just thought it was funny, I work as a bricklayer so I’m always coming home filthy.

“I just can’t believe the video has nearly a million hits, so many people I don’t even know are commenting and sharing it.”