Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

An unlucky athlete’s attempt at a double backflip resulted in him faceplanting the sandy ground below.

Ahmad Matar was practicing his free-running moves in Gaza when he decided to perform one of the hardest tricks; a double gainer.

Ahmad looked to have landed the double backflip move but met the ground too soon and ended up with a very close look at the ground.

The 13 years of experience did not serve Ahmad well on this occasion as his momentum forced him deep into the sandy bank, fortunately he did not suffer any injuries.

Ahmad said: “What I love about free-running is that it makes me feel my free anywhere, anytime.

“The fall didn’t hurt at all it was, it was so funny for me to see the sand all over on my face.

“I did suffer from a shoulder injury last year but finally I was not at risk here.”