Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

Stomach churning footage has been captured showing a mass of live worms being extracted from a dogs eye.

Veterinarian Aurelian Stefan, 39, from Romania Animal Rescue, performed the long, nauseating operation on Sammy the stray whose eyes had become infested with worms.

Last week, May 16 2019, Doctor Stefan used tweezers to keep the pooch’s eyelids open and fished the parasites out with cotton buds.


According to the veterinarian, the poor animal is a stray who was brought the organisation’s clinics in Craiova, Romania, by a good Samaritan who had found it wandering the streets.

Doctor Stefan said: “These eyeworms are found in the eyes of stray dogs and cats quite frequently.

“I get cases like this one on a weekly basis.

“The worms need to be picked up one by one as they are also hidden in the tissue, and the operation can last up to an hour.”