Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall

A pair of baboons have been caught taking a dip in a residential pool – much to the surprise of the owner.

Garth Bradley, 50, was sat in his office in South Africa when he saw the large male baboon – followed by the youngster, mooching past on their way for a bit of fun.

PIC FROM Garth Bradley/ Caters News

The monkeys can be seen using their hands to splash in the water while sitting on the pools edge.

Garth said: “I was sitting in my office when the large alpha male baboon came past.

“I went to check that the doors were locked – otherwise they would come to the kitchen for easy food.

PIC FROM Garth Bradley/ Caters News

“I then noticed the two baboons playing around the pool and drinking water.

“The male laid down on his side and played with the water.

“The young baboon then jumped in the pool and the bigger one joined.

PIC FROM Garth Bradley/ Caters News

“They played in the pool for about five minutes and it was wonderful to witness. 

“This is the first time we have had them in our pool – they normally come down every second week or so to forage in the garden.”