Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A talented musician played the flute while beatboxing, creating a musical landscape that sounds like a produced track rather than the noise coming from the mouth of one man.

One mand band Max Wessel, 27, recently streamed his extraordinary skills in San Luis, California, in a clip that shows the him flexing his creative muscles.

Max picked up the talent when he was 17 and began to incorporate a beat while using the flute, practising a particular breathing technique to perform for extend periods of time.

Grabbing his flute, Max plays a tune on the flute before mixing in the percussion.

Gradually picking up the tempo, Max creates hip hop/drum ’n’ bass rhythms and melodies that get the head bobbing.

Max said: “Essentially my skill is just tongue twisters and breathing with rhythm. 

“I learned I had this skill at a party when I was 17. 

“It wasn’t so much something I was inspired to do as much as something that just came tumbling out of me one day, much to my surprise. 

“It’s particularly enjoyable because I can put down a beat and a melody simultaneously, it doesn’t feel like I’m playing part of a song it feels like I’m autonomously playing a full song.”