Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A German shepherd and a wild deer played chase with each other despite a fence being between them.

While owner Ethan Cole watched on at home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, his two-year-old pooch Ike stuck up an unlikely friendship.

Spotting a fawn on the other side of the fence, boisterous Ike bounced over and seemed to spook it off.

However, the mother deer was keen to play and the pair chased each other all around the fence, even turning when the other turned.

Ethan said: “Ike saw the deer with a fawn and ran up to them.

“The fawn ran away, the mom bounced back into the woods and then right back to the fence where she started her game with Ike.  

“She ran and Ike followed, he turned and she turned and so on. 

“Ike is super sweet and kind.

“He has no problems with animals.

“He’s very gentle but also goofy, gangly and awkward.”