Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A huge humpback whale treated shocked spectators to back-to-back breaches in amazing ocean display. 

Even after running a whale watching tour for years, Blake Horton, 31, is still blown away whenever he is lucky enough to view one of the mammoth mammals breach from the ocean.

On one particular tour just off North Head by the entrance of Sydney Harbour, Blake managed to capture an adult leaping from the ocean twice in quick succession.

The 30 ton giant first performed what is called a head lunge, when the whale remains facing the direction before slamming their chin on the water.

After the first splash, the underwater creature then performed an almighty breach, launching out of the water, before crashing back down into the water, wowing the amazed tour group. 

Blake said: “There’s lots of reasons why Whales decide the breach.

“Firstly, for fun, but to also get their eyes above the water to see what’s going on.

”It also helps to clean their skin by trying to break off barnacles, and it could also possibly be a communication method.”