By Jamie Smith

Fight or flight? These perfectly-timed images show an epic battle between two eagles fighting over a fish in the air was caught on camera.

Myles Newberry, 55, captured the images in Fulton, Illinois which is also part of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge.

Pic by Caters News 

Myles said: “During the winter months, it has a huge concentration of eagles that come for the open water at the dams -then in the spring the migration starts and is just full of all kinds of amazing stuff.

“In the spring the river ice starts to break up, and eagles and other birds take advantage of this and will grab fish that are frozen in the ice.

Pic by Caters News

“What happened on this day in one of the areas that the ice is breaking up one of the eagles found a large carp and that attacked other eagles and eventually, they are all trying to get part of the fish.

“So it is a fight over food, you see adult and juvenile bald eagles fighting over that.

“One of the cool things and frustrating things that this is actually a public area and quite a few people can come and see the eagles.

Pic by Caters News

“The part of Illinois I live in can get quite cold in the winter – this creates areas were eagles congregate.

“As a photographer it’s an amazing opportunity to have great subjects to shoot images of the end of winter.

“One of the great parts of this event is my 11-year-old son was with me and he got to watch it too.”