By Hollie Bone

A quick thinking wildlife photographer saved the life of a baby bunny when a crow swooped in to take it away – and still caught the whole incredible sequence on camera.

Ray Pownall, 74, had gone to Formby beach in Merseyside with the intention of photographing red squirrels WHEN but was shocked by the sheer number of rabbits on the sand dunes.

PIC FROM Ray Pownall/Mercury Press

Only a few minutes into taking his snaps, Ray noticed a crafty crow had also focused its attention on the same baby rabbit he was admiring, and soon the fluffy infant was being carried away in its clutches.

But determined not to let the bird get away, the retired ambulance station officer managed to pick up and throw a stick at the crow, allowing the bunny to escape – all in front of his camera lens.

Ray, from St Helens, Merseyside, said: “It was just reaction, I felt like I had to do something and thankfully it distracted the crow just enough to drop the baby.

PIC FROM Ray Pownall/Mercury Press

“When it was back on the ground the baby bunny didn’t know where to go, it was just running around in circles trying to find a hole and the crow was swooping in again.

“Thankfully the mummy rabbit came out and started jumping at the crow, giving the baby enough time to get away down a rabbit hole and its mother soon followed.”

Watching the action from behind a fence, Ray said he was relieved to see both rabbits escape the crows clutches safely.

PIC FROM Ray Pownall/Mercury Press

He added: “I felt relieved, it’s mother nature in action but it’s not the nicest to see at times. It’s the same when I go to Canada to take pictures of the American Bald Eagles.”