Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A selfless kayaker has reached hero level status after saving over 600 wild seals from dangerous and deadly discarded rubbish.

With the dangers of plastic in oceans becoming more apparent, heroic Naude Dreyer, 36, searches the waters of Pelican Point, Walvis Bay, Namibia, to save adorable seals from an untimely and unnatural death.

Naude’s career began as running a kayaking tour around Walvis Bay, which he still operates today, but his path has now set him on course to save as many animals as possible to highlight the dangers of plastic pollution.

Using any makeshift tool at his disposal, Naude chases down the panicked seals to cut away the tight wires around their necks.

With large cuts and gashes being caused by the harsh wires and nets, the Seals would clearly struggle to survive in the wild without Naude and his team’s heroic efforts. 

Naude said: “About six years ago I noticed more and more young seals entangled in rubbish and tried my luck to catch one.   

“It worked, so I’ve just kept on grabbing the youngsters as I see them and cutting them loose.

“Last year my crew and I rescued about 300 seals, of which about 100 were by me.  

“This year so far, we have rescued about 60, of which 20 were by me.  

“At a rough guess, I’d say over the last six years I’ve probably rescued about 200 Seals by myself and as a team we’ve probably rescued at least 600 animals.

“Seal pups are super inquisitive and they pick up and play with any rubbish they find in the water, causing them to get entangled.

“I save them because no-one else wants to and they can’t save themselves.

By releasing all of these videos, I am hoping to raise awareness regarding dumping rubbish overboard by ships.

“This is one of the biggest issues our oceans face.  

“Governments need to put more pressure on the fishing and shipping industry, and people need to learn to bring their rubbish home.”