Video Viral

By Randal Coombs and Federico Cornetto

Heart-stopping footage shows the moment two window washers were left dangling in a swinging basket atop a 50-storey skyscraper.

A pair of window washers were cleaning the Devon Tower, Oklahoma City, US, this morning [Wednesday 15 May] when the lift they were situated in started swinging out of control.

After 911 were called at 7.43am, firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the two workers – where they threw ropes to the victims to secure the platform and halt its chaotic movements just 33 minutes later.

By 8.29am the washers were rescued and returned to safety.

Jessica Meza, 29, who witnessed and filmed the chaos, said: “I was dropping my son off at school when I saw this happen.

“There were lots of emergency assistance personnel and people were very shocked.”

Megan Buihner, a 27-year-old legal assistant, also filmed the proceedings and said: “I was sitting at a stop light about to pull up to my office.

“I was shocked with what I was seeing and was just hoping that the window washers would be rescued safely.”