Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

An abandoned town full of houses built by wealthy diamond miners have been reclaimed fully by the desert around them, leaving spooky remains.

German cameramen, Dennis Schmelz captured the spectacular footage of the ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia, in the summer of 2018.

What was once a thriving mining town at the turn of the century, now there only stands a series of decrepit houses sentenced to eternity buried by sand.

The camera pans through the various structures, flicking from room to room showing the weathered doors, floors and windows.

Some of the more well-protected rooms appear to have been frozen in time, with dated furniture and even some pristine taxidermy animals.

Dennis said: “It was a little bit creepy. 

“It was super windy and the sand was blowing through the open windows and doors.

“You could also hear the blowing of the wind, like in an old American western film.”

Editor, Christian Fleischer compiled the footage and provided a lot of the context to the video.

Kolmanskop was once the home of German diamond miners seeking their fortune in the Namib desert.

Between 1908 and 1914 they collected over 1000 kg of diamonds, making it one of the richest diamond towns in the world at that time.

With this came a high standard of living, some of the buildings included; casino, gyms and even a large outdoor swimming pool in the middle of the desert.

Christian said: “I saw the footage in the editing room for the first time I immediately was inspired by the mood of the blowing sand coming in through the open windows and the beautiful loneliness that covers this unique desert town. 

“The large room at halfway through the video is the kitchen of the casino, showing the big stove in the middle.

“Today wind and sand reclaim most of the buildings and covers the area with a touch of spooky lonesomeness.”