Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A precise parachutist managed to land on the peak of a giant rock tower formation.

Daredevil Thomas Meador, 21, the precise parachute jumper would much prefer landing on a giant rock tower formation just so he can joyously complete a second jump as quickly as possible. 

Taking place in Moab, Utah, Thomas and friends William Mills and Eric Dobbins leaped from creepily names Dragon’s Nest, and then skilfully controlled their parachutes in order to precisely land on the peak of the giant King Fisher rock towers.

Thomas took a minute in order to catch his breath before plummeting to the earth for a second time.

Thomas said: “The excitement of Fisher Tower was the whole experience of it. 

“I thought I was going to miss the tower, but I got an updraft and was able to make it. I was so hyped.”

Growing up in Montana caused Thomas to spend his formative years skiing, which has now resulted in the young adrenaline junkie falling in love with everything from parachuting, base jumping and everything in-between.

From the snow-capped Cody Peak in Jackson Wyoming to Tetons over the Wyoming Border, there isn’t a daring jump that Thomas won’t do.

Thomas said: “The views are incredible on the ski base jumps. I don’t get nervous at all.”