By Hollie Bone

A mischievous moggy has RUINED a £1,500 sofa after sneakily playing in a tray of white paint and leaving pawprints all over the furniture.

Imogen James, 29, from Middlesbrough, left six month old kitten, Winnie, shut safely away in a utility room while she left painters and decorators to carry out work on her mum’s house while she went to work on May 9 [THURS].

Pic by Mercury Press 

But she was horrified when she returned home that day to find the white pawprints all over her mum’s £1,500 real leather sofa, after the playful pussycat escaped from her room and discovered an unsupervised tray of white paint.

Social worker Imogen admitted mum Carol, 52, is yet to find out about the havoc the sneaky feline has caused as she has left the house in her daughter’s care to go on holiday to Spain.

Imogen said: “Winnie already has white paws so I couldn’t tell that there was anything wrong at first, but when I went into the lounge my stomach dropped.

“I’d left her in the utility room because I knew we were having the decorators round and Winnie is a bit skittish around strangers as she’s only six months old.

Pic by Mercury Press

“But one of the decorators must have left her door open without realising because she’s got out and managed to open the door to the lounge, covering herself and the sofa in paint on the way.”

Nervous Imogen hasn’t yet plucked up the courage to reveal the incident to her mum, but knows the sofa cost around £1,500 from Barker and Stonehouse.

She said: “I told my mum that Winnie had escaped and got into the paint and she said it better not be on the new flooring, so hopefully it won’t be too bad when I tell her what’s happened!”