Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


Professional calligrapher showcases his wondrous writing skills in this unusually-satisfying ASMR video.

Giorgio Gaetani, 28, from Sassari, Italy, is so good at his craft that with the only help of pen and ink could leave you tingling with pleasure.

PIC FROM Giorgio Gaetani/Caters News

He uses self-made pens which he dips in red and black pots before sliding the tip on paper to create elegant-looking letters with enchantingly scratching noises.

Giorgio’s been practising calligraphy for five years, after learning with only the help of a book, and is now participating in classes and events, as well as working for major brands all over Italy.

Giorgio, a professional calligrapher, said: “I still get the same calming feelings that I had the first time I tried it.

PIC FROM Giorgio Gaetani/Caters News: Giorgio Gaetani

“Practicing calligraphy helps me focus and empty my mind from thoughts.

“It also very satisfying to see beautiful shapes come out of your pen.”