Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

A husband finally heard his wife sing after seven years of marriage, though their children were less than impressed.

After seven years of marriage, the traditional gift to receive is copper and wool, but for CrossFit trainer Chase Knight, 30, he received something much more special.

Filmed during a car ride through Kansas City, Missouri on May 4, his wife Jocelyn, 33, passionately sang along to Lake Street Drive’s “I Don’t Care About You”.

After over half a decade of waiting, Chase finally heard his wife’s lovely singing voice, which he couldn’t help but be blown away by.  

Chase said: “I’ve heard my wife quietly sing lullabies to our sons when they were babies to help them fall asleep.

“I thought she had a very pretty singing voice and I always wondered how she’d sound if she was really trying to sing.

“She is a huge introvert and when she started singing the song, I told her to give me her camera. 

“She was very reluctant because she doesn’t like being noticed and is super afraid of judgment.

“I told her I don’t really care what anyone thinks because I think she sounds beautiful.  “I physically could not help myself from grinning so much, it gave me chills to hear her.

“Call it love or whatever you’d like, but for me I was completely happy hearing her and I could tell she absolutely loved singing out loud.  

“I posted the video to show her how much it means to me and it was awesome to see all the kind responses on social media from my followers. Behind closed doors it truly made her day.

“She told me afterwards that no one in her entire adult life has ever heard her really sing.”

Though Chase was blown away by his wife’s performance, their children, Liam, 6, and Leonidas, 4, weren’t as impressed, remaining silent when asked whether their mummy had a pretty signing voice.